In the last week, I haven’t played this game without it crashing. There are so many issues with this game it isn’t even funny. They released it unfinished. Example: I attacked a fortified army and began to pelt the arrow towers and walls with my ballistae. As soon as a section of wall came down- […]

Better Battle Banners

Pitched battles lack a certain factor of ‘oomph’. If you’ve played any of the previous titles (Rome, Medieval 2, Shogun 2) then you’ll understand once you fight a battle in Rome 2. It’s especially disappointing with cavalry, elephant, and chariot charges, as you might expect them to send units flying into the air, but instead […]

2013. 7 years after my first Total War experience with Rome – Total War. My expectations were high, the hype surrounding Rome 2 was even higher. First time in my life I learned that you should never expect anything, that you should never follow the hype, and that I should never preorder a game again. […]

Syracuse emblem v3

For all the good parts in this game, the sum of the whole is bad. The region system has never been great. Regions are public order balancing acts, with each settlement having to follow a strict rule of cultural buildings to avoid the public order breaking income buildings. It is a very strict, and intrusive […]

Republican Advisor

Total War: Rome II – Emperor Edition is a historical turn based RTS game based in.. Ancient Rome. I thoroughly enjoy playing this game, and perhaps this review will persuade you to try it out and, hopefully, enjoy it. Rome II is a sequel to the famous Rome: Total War game. It’s a part of […]

Imperium Romanum Main Menu

This Game shouldnt be your first Total War, as it is far from the best. But it isnt awful.Pros and cons vs Rome 1.Pros:Beautiful Graphics, (though it does have roughly 10 years on Rome 1)Greater unit varietyMuch more factions, no starter default rebel factions.Performance isnt that bad on Modern Machines.Bigger MapAt points better AIAutomatic GarrisonsMuch […]

First of all, as someone who has played every Total War game since the first Shogun Total War in 2000, Rome 2 was a disappointment to me. But it does not mean that it is a bad game overall. If you are new to the TW series, i totally recommend it for you, but if […]

Something odd is happening. When I first tried this the political internal situation wasn’t good (probably fair) but now even with multiple tests of cold starts it is just a disaster – every other faction’s loyalty is negative and it doesn’t mater which one you pick to play. In this state it is protection off […]